Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting and Registration System in Israel: Summary of Reports for 2012

Prof. Ofira Ayalon, Dr. Miriam Lev-On, Dr. Perry Lev-On, Dr. Tal Goldrath, Efrat Kerem
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Ayalon Ofira, Lev-On Miriam, Lev-On Perry, Goldrath Tal, Kerem Efrat. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting and Registration System in Israel: Summary of Reports for 2012 Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2012.

42 companies and organizations reported greenhouse gas emissions in 2012 to the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The voluntary reporting represents about 68 % from the national inventory emissions.

Each of the reporting companies, enclosed a signed statement regarding the reliability of the data, as required by the Reporting and Registration System, which was developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Energy and Environment Team at the Neaman Institute at the Technion and a working group that included representatives from all sectors including various government agencies.
A special Excel file, which is used as a tool for quantifying the greenhouse gas emissions, was developed by the Neaman Institute team. The file is also used to guide companies to calculate their emissions. The spreadsheets were designed to help companies that don't have accessible databases or specialized software. The videos that explain about fulfilling the reporting are at the web site of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

According to the adopted procedure, the reporting forms for 2012 were sent to the Ministry and the background data documents submitted by Manufacturers Association server. Companies that reporting their greenhouse gas emissions for 2012 are entitled to receive "signal recognition stage 1" for their efforts.

At 2013 the Ministry continued promoting the implementation of greenhouse gas emissions verify by confirmed Companies. To promote this stage SNI Team with the Ministry environment team to develop two guidance documents (available on the website of the Ministry of Environmental protection from January 2013th).

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