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Orly Nathan

Orly Nathan
Information Specialist
עירוניות וצבא – היילכו השניים יחדיו

It Takes Two to Tango? Spatial and Social Implications of Joint Civil-Military Development

The study examined the impact of the IDF bases' relocation to the Negev on strengthening the urban regions in the Be'er Sheva metropolitan area. It was hypothesized that the relocation of military installations would become a major mechanism for strengthening the towns located in the Be'er Sheva metropolitan area, strengthening the Negev's urban sector and thus increasing social integration. The study examined this hypothesis, both qualitatively and quantitatively, based on a broad spectrum of collected data.
מודלים לתקצוב סטודנטים בינלאומיים לתארים מתקדמים בטכניון

Models for Budgeting International Postgraduate Students at the Technion

SNI was asked by the Director General of the Technion, Prof. Matanyahu Englman, to conduct a study of the options for increasing the number of international postgraduate students studying at the Technion.
Information centers of MAGNET Consortia

Information centers of MAGNET Consortia

A computerized information center, one of the largest in Israel, operates at the Samuel Neaman Institute. The center was established to fulfill the needs of knowledge management and to supply information science services to consortia that operate within the MAGNET program, and is part of the MAGNET program of the Ministry of Economy.
סקר קשרי החוץ של ישראל במדע ומחקר ופיתוח ברמה הלאומית והמוסדית

A Survey of Israel’s Foreign Relations in Science, Research, and Development at the National and Institutional Level

In 2014, the Neaman Institute completed the first phase of the survey of Israel's foreign relations in R&D at the national and institutional level. As part of this stage, a comprehensive survey was conducted, and a computerized database was established.

Israel's SETI system - a series of studied by UNESCO on science, engineering, technology and innovation policy

The study was commissioned by the Israel Academy of Sciences and will be published in UNESCO's series of studies on Science, Engineering, Technology, and Innovation (SETI) policies during 2015.
Green Aviation – Literature Review

Green Aviation – Literature Review

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Ministry of Transport has approached the SamueNeaman Institute to conduct a literature review of the subject of "Green Aviation".
Evaluating the "Rothschild Fellowship" Program

Evaluating the "Rothschild Fellowship" Program

The main goal of the research was to evaluate the impact of the program on the candidates' careers and to assess their chances of pursuing academic careers in leading universities and research institutions in Israel. The research population included 359 candidates who applied to the program between 1996 and 2005. Three groups are included in the analysis: candidates who received the fellowship (Rothschild fellows), candidates who their application was turned down by the evaluation committee and candidates who chose to decline the fellowship.
Evaluation of the Technion Excellence Programs

Evaluation of the Technion Excellence Programs

The Technion Program for Excellence was launched in 1992 and is intended for undergraduate students in the Faculties of Science and Engineering who have been identified as having exceptional abilities.