chezki Farkash

chezki Farkash
Research Assistant
Integrating the Ultra-Orthodox Population in the Israeli Economy

Integrating the Ultra-Orthodox Population in the Israeli Economy

The Ultra-orthodox (U-O) Integration Project was inaugurated at the Samuel Neaman Institute in 2010, following the recommendations of the ”Israel 2028” Project. The goals of the UOI Project were to investigate the subject and provide recommendations as to how to enhance the participation of the U-O population in the labor market in Israel. During the last 5 years, the project team has produced a multitude of analyses on various aspects of the subject matter and has published numerous reports, which in turn had significant impact on the national policy in this area.
 1מוכנות האוכלוסייה החרדית בישראל לרעידות אדמה ומצבי חירום

Preparedness of Ultra-Orthodox Population in Israel toward Earth Quakes and Emergency Situations

Sample groups within various Ultra-Orthodox communities in Israel will be surveyed in order to examine their perceptions, awareness and preparedness towards emergency situations – whether natural (e.g. earthquakes), or man-made (terror attacks, war aimed at civilian areas).
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