The Aeronautic Industry in Israel - Present and Future

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Weihs Daniel. The Aeronautic Industry in Israel - Present and Future Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 1994.
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Defense industries and especially aeronautical industries all over the world are going through a period of changes and reduced activity. These changes stem from international factors such as lessening of hostility between political blocks, as well as a result of changes in social emphases in central governments in the U.S.A. and Europe.

These changes did not bypass industries in Israel and result in reductions of orders both from Israel and abroad. Reorganization of the industries brought about a reduction in the manpower strength and significant demographic changes, such as massive processes of early retirement.

The organizing committee of the annual conference on flight and space has, therefore, found it appropriate to devote an important part of the 34th conference opening session to a discussion on the state of the aeronautics industry in Israel – present and future.

Central figures in the area of aeronautics in Israel were chosen as lecturers on the panel. They come from industry, academia and the army and do not hold any executive positions in those systems at present, and are therefore in a position to present objective positions and broad views.

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