Policy recommendations for treatment of packaging waste in Israel

Prof. Ofira Ayalon, Gadi Rosental, Michal Nachmany, Dr. Tal Goldrath, Mr. Idan Dorfman, Michal Grossman, Prof. Mordechai Shechter
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Ayalon Ofira, Rosental Gadi, Nachmany Michal, Goldrath Tal, Dorfman Idan, Grossman Michal, Shechter Mordechai. Policy recommendations for treatment of packaging waste in Israel Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2010. https://www.neaman.org.il/EN/Policy-recommendations-treatment-packaging-waste-Israel
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The purpose of this document, written by the Energy and Environment Team at the Samuel Neaman institute, with support from 'Kivun' and the Natural Resource and Environment Research Center at the University of Haifa, is to suggest a comprehensive policy framework for the prevention and treatment of packaging waste in Israel.

The policy recommendations are based on the principle of extended producer responsibility (adopted also in European legislation, and in the suggested Israeli packaging waste law), according to which, producers and distributors of packaged goods are responsible for the entire life cycle of the goods, practically and economically.

This document addresses theoretical and practical issues regarding the suggested framework for prevention and treatment of packaging waste, and includes a comprehensive literature review.

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