Characterization and master plan for the Shefar’am new industrial park

Dr. Eitan Adres, Dr. Gilead Fortuna, Dr. Avigdor Zonnenshain
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Adres Eitan, Fortuna Gilead, Zonnenshain Avigdor. Characterization and master plan for the Shefar’am new industrial park Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2016.


This research defines the recommended strategy and establishes a master plan for the new industrial park in Shefar’am which is planned to be built in the east side of the town. The focus is on strategic characterization of the new industrial park, recommending the preferred execution method and identifying the needed managerial institutions, in order to create an essential leverage for economic and societal growth for the town, its citizens as well as a regional impact. This research, which was initiated by the municipality of Shefar’am and the Portland Trust, provides sound decision infrastructure for the national budgeting authorities. We recommend a broad branding view for this park, stressing the provision of a comprehensive services envelop and promoting advanced manufacturing at various levels. Research supports the unprecedented innovative act of an Arab municipality aiming to lead a substantial initiative of an intertwined Jewish – Arab economy in the state of Israel.


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