Energy Forum 25: The Israel Energy Sector – vision for 2028

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Grossman Gershon, Goldrath Tal. Energy Forum 25: The Israel Energy Sector – vision for 2028 Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2012.

The major axis around which the discussion about the energy vision for 2028 revolved was the mix of energy sources to be used in future years. The recommended mix for electricity generation, as agreed upon by most participants, is 50% natural gas, 30% renewable energy, and the remaining 20% - coal, oil shale, and possibly nuclear energy. However, the correct method for reaching conclusions regarding the optimal mix involves analytical modeling and its application to different scenarios of assumptions and parameters, and these issues should be the focus of discussion among the experts.

Natural gas, which is the primary source, has many advantages but its use involves problems and risks that require preparation. Much of the debate has centered on converting gas to electricity at a high percentage and exporting gas versus saving it to form a secured supply. Do economic considerations outweigh the security consideration, and what is the price of the security? Another issue is Israeli industry, that is, increasing the gas supply to existing industry and even the establishment of a new, gas-based chemical industry.

Renewable energies are advantageous environmentally and in terms of security of supply, but they have considerable disadvantages in terms of cost of production, their land-intensive characteristic, availability of production, and grid connection problems.

Improving energy efficiency is a field which has significant potential, and deserves proper attention and effort.


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