Ron Kenett

Ron Kenett
Senior Research Fellow

Professor Ron Kenett is Chairman of the KPA Group, Israel, Research Professor, University of Turin, Italy, Senior Research Fellow at the Neaman Institute, Technion, Haifa and Visiting Professor at the Institute of Drug Research at the School of Medicine of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He is an applied statistician combining expertise in academic, consulting and business domains.

 Ron is Past President of the Israel Statistical Association (ISA) and of the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics (ENBIS). He authored and co-authored over 200 papers and 12 books on topics such as biostatistics, healthcare, industrial statistics, data mining, customer surveys, multivariate quality control, risk management and integrated management models. The KPA Group he founded in 1994, is a leading Israeli firm focused on generating insights through analytics.

 He is editor in chief of StatsRef, serves on the editorial board of several international journals and was awarded the 2013 Greenfield Medal by the Royal Statistical Society in recognition for excellence in contributions to the applications of Statistics. He is member of the National Public Advisory Council for Statistics Israel and member of the Executive Academic Council, Wingate Academic College.

 His book (with Galit Shmueli), titled Information Quality (InfoQ): The Potential of Data and Analytics to Generate Knowledge, Wiley, 2016, is used in the design of Data Science programs and in addressing the issue of reproducibility in science. He founded the point and click translator company, and is member of the board of several startup companies. For a detailed CV click here, for video recordings of Ron’s lectures click here


National resilience

National resilience

The way the Covid pandemic has been addressed in Israel has raised significant issues regarding the decision-making process at the national, community and personal level. This project aims at addressing such challenges at the conceptual level. We propose a three tier approach addressing the national, community and personal level. 

'Community and Career Center for Converters to Secularism' – Evaluation Study

This is an evaluation study, of the Formative Assessment nature, focusing on the program 'Community and Career Center for Former Haredim'. The program aims at creating a supportive community for lapsed Haredim, to diminish education and cultural gaps and to assist their integration within the secular society.
The digital twin and condition based maintenance

The digital twin and condition based maintenance

23 July, 2021
A series of three blogs emphasizing the role of digital twins in providing monitoring diagnostic and prognostic capabilities, with examples from condition based maintenance
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