North Wind: Local Patriotism and National Crisis

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Aharon Gutman Meirav, Kenett Ron, Yavelberg Yaron, Tamir Golan, Rabivo Gil. North Wind: Local Patriotism and National Crisis Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2024.

This report presents the findings of a survey conducted among residents of the north of Israel who were evacuated from their homes following the events of October 7 and the war that broke out in its wake.
The evacuation of the northern residents is a unique and unprecedented event in the history of Israeli society.
Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced from their homes and are living in hotels and other evacuation centers. The survey was conducted by the Samuel Neaman Institute's survey system, headed by Golan Tamir.
Gil Rebivo helped anchor some of the answers on the map. Dr. Yaron Yavelberg led the writing of the survey together with Prof. Aharon Gutman. Prof. Ron Kenett analyzed the findings alongside Dr. Yavelberg.
The survey is a collaboration with ‘Lobby 1701’ and was distributed via a link to an online questionnaire.
Lobby 1701 is a group of residents of the north, including a variety of localities and different political positions, established to raise awareness of the situation in the north and demand a change in the security situation on the northern border, subject to UN Resolution 1701 at the end of the Second Lebanon War, which requires Hezbollah to withdraw beyond the Litani Line. The forum's group of leaders received the draft survey and made comments. After about 20 evacuees responded, we improved and shortened the survey. 340 evacuees responded to the survey.

More information can be found in the attached English Abstract or in the Full report (Hebrew)

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