Israeli Oil and Gas Sector - Economic and Geopolitical Aspects

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Cohen Gina, Korner Miki. Israeli Oil and Gas Sector - Economic and Geopolitical Aspects Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2016.
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The document presents a review of the Israeli oil and gas sector at the beginning of 2016. It examines how Israel is affected by changes in global energy trends, what has been the impact on the country from the oil price decline, the financial and environmental benefits of the gas discoveries on the Israeli economy, issues of conversion of energy consumers from coal or oil to natural gas whether in the power, industrial/commercial or transportation sectors, the investments that have been made to date and that will be made in the near future in the gas sector in Israel, the options for regional cooperation and synergies via exports of natural gas from Israel and some of the inherent geopolitical aspects of the various options.

The authors also provide some views on what could be done to promote and develop the Israeli gas discoveries and the Israeli gas market to the benefit of the State of Israel and of the gas companies, to achieve optimal economic and geopolitical benefits, taking into consideration the local impediments still rampant in the market as well as the wider global energy trends.

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