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Eyal Salinger

קידום המו"פ והחדשנות בפריפריה בישראל

Promoting R&D and Innovation in the Israeli Periphery

The study, commissioned by the Israel National Council for Research and Development (MOLMOP) at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, was aimed at providing decision makers with an updated account of the innovation and R&D activities in Israel’s peripheral areas.

Israel's Land Policy and Housing Prices Abstract – Summary of Pilot Study

SNI has taken on the challenge to examine the reasons for the increase in housing prices in Israel. Among other things, it was found that investing efforts to curb the high housing prices ignores the implications of the fact that only in Israel, unlike all other OECD countries, most of the land reserves are nationally owned.
National land ownership and housing prices in Israel

National land ownership and housing prices in Israel

October, 2020
 Despite the central place that Israel’s housing policy has taken since the 2011 mass protests, and the various policy alternatives that have been considered, one issue has never been placed for public awareness and debate: The fact that Israel – alone among all the members of the OECD – has a land tenure system with overwhelming dominance of  national ownership. Furthermore, national land is managed and released to the development market through a single, central national authority.  A question never addressed in public discourse is whether, o and how, national land ownership affects Israel’s very high housing prices. Is it possible that the very fact of national ownership is causing housing prices to rise, rather than lowering them? At the time this research report is published, the ministries responsible for planning, housing, and national land have been reshuffled, there may be a modest window crack for rethinking. We submit this research report to the decision-makers and the general public.