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מכון מחקר - מוסד שמואל נאמן

The Samuel Neaman Institute

The Samuel Neaman Institute was established in 1978 in the Technion at Mr. Samuel Neaman’s initiative. It is an independent multi-disciplinary national policy research institute

New Publication

New Publication

reforming the rules of the game of the Knesset

link to the report


Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Smart Robotics

The aim of the project is to present an up-to-date and complete picture of the current activities in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Smart Robotics in Israel, and to examine the possibilities of promoting these fields.

Extensive work was carried out to define areas of research, survey and map activities in Israel, and identify strengths and weaknesses of Israel in these fields.

The literature survey in the appendix to the report, reviews, among other, world strategic programs in the areas of artificial intelligence, data science and intelligent robotics. A part of the literature survey is devoted to human capital and examines the skills needed and deficiencies expected in various countries.

Link to the report ( hebrew )

חזון מוסד שמואל נאמן


To promote informed national decisions in Israel through research and analysis of well-established information 

המשימה - מוסד שמואל נאמן


To be a leading research institute that identifies, formulates and analyzes matters of policy of national importance in the areas of scientific–technological development, economics and social issues in Israel


Samuel Neaman Institute

Samuel Neaman Institute is a National policy research institute focusing on policies in science, technology, higher education, environment, economy, society and infrastructure, established in 1978 to assist in the search for solutions to national problems in science and technology, education, economy and industry, and social development.



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