Eitan Adres

Eitan Adres
Senior Research Fellow

Adjunct Senior Lecturer, at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion.


  • Applied workshop in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Introduction to management.
  • Globalization, the playground and the rules of the game.
  • Negotiating in the Globalized Arena.


  • PhD Political Science- University of Haifa (2014). Thesis title: The Individual’s Level of Globalism and the Citizen’s Contribution to Local / National Public Goods.(Best Doctoral Dissertation Award 2015 from the Israeli Political Science Association).
  • Research M.A. in Political Sciences (Public Administration & Policy),                       University of Haifa (2010) - (Cum-Laude). Thesis title: Globalization and the Citizen’s Commitment to the State: The Case of the Tendency to Evade Conscription in Israel.
  • BA  Mathematics and Economics, University of Haifa (1976).
  • Graduate of the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa (1968).


Served as a fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force.

Partner and CEO of leading steel business companies including international joint venture (1974-2008).

Investor in High-Tech Start-Ups.

Former chairman of the board of the Reali school.

Board member in MATI – Haifa entrepreneurship center; and ILab Haifa – promoting technological entrepreneurship (JV of Mati Haifa, Mellanox, JVP, Israel Initiative, and the Israeli Innovation Authority).


phone number 054-4339847

Email: adres@netvision.net.il  

Arab minority participation in collective action

Arab minority participation in collective action

The societal and economic integration of the Arab minority is considered an essential factor for Israel. This research inquires how Arab minority members resolve the social dilemma of participation in collective action at the general society level. We use behavioral experiments methodology.
Characterizing master plan for the industrial park Mishor Rotem

Characterizing master plan for the industrial park Mishor Rotem

Industrial zone Mishor Rotem is the largest in Israel. Some major industries already reside there, hence the purpose of this research is to characterize a master plan for future development and realization of its national-wise, great potential.
שדרוג המערכת הכלכלית בצפון

Upgrading the Economic System of the North

In mid-2014, SNI joined a venture with the Ministry of Economic and Industrie, aimed at drafting a plan for substantial improvement of the economic status of the North. During 2015, the project was completed and a summary report, which includes an analysis of the socioeconomic situation in the north, and recommendations to realize change-generating infrastructure anchors and non-linear growth generators, was submitted to the Government.
The Industrial Excellence Center

The Industrial Excellence Center

The Industrial Excellence Center was established in 2011 and its objective is to promote a national industrial policy. The Center helps formulate and promote a proactive policy of industrial excellence, intended to sustain a balanced and high-quality national industry that maintains a healthy lifecycle, which is tested by its global competitive advantage and quality employment of all sectors of society. The Industrial Excellence Center is also part of the Israel 2028 Vision.
the construction of an insdustrial park in the areas of shfara

the construction of an insdustrial park in the areas of shfara'am

A master plan for the construction of a new industrial park at the closed quarry of Shfar'am, consolidates a recommended strategy for the new industrial zone in Shfar'am, to be built in the quarry adjacent to the eastern side of the town of Shefar'am. For the first time in Israel, an Arab municipality is leading a significant process of promoting the combined Jewish-Arab economy.
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