Statistical analysis of Corona data: A Roundtable

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Kenett Ron, Steinberg David, Schechtman Edna, Gal Reuven. Statistical analysis of Corona data: A Roundtable Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2021.

The Corona pandemic continues to pose significant challenges to the health, economic and social systems worldwide.

Some of these challenges relate to the availability of reliable data and to the various approaches used in order to collect, analyze and present these data.

The perspective required to address these issues combines health and epidemiological expertise, access to reliable data, statistics and biostatistics methodologies and open channels that facilitate clear and transparent communication to policy makers.

This roundtable is designed to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas in order to enhance the generation, dissemination and consideration of pandemic related information.
The roundtable discussed the challenges and benefits of developing and using data and models, based on sound statistic methods, in the management of pandemics.

Three recommended initiatives were identified on the basis of the roundtable discussion:

1) A national project to standardize the definition and registration process of clinical data.
2) Embedding expert statisticians in decision-making processes such as healthcare, education, transportation, environmental protection and social work.
3) Launching a public debate on healthcare data ownership and transparency.


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