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Changes in productivity amongst Jewish women

Ilia Zatcovetsky
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Zatcovetsky Ilia. Changes in productivity amongst Jewish women Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2013.
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The following short report attempts  to examine some of the data relating to the total fertility trends amongst Jewish Orthodox women , as they were presented in the research of several scholars . Moreover, the document contains a preliminary analysis of the reasons for these trends .

The tests mentioned in the paper point to the feasibility of a certain decline in the birth rate amongst Orthodox women . However, no association has been shown between the employment rate of Haredi women and their total fertility rate . In other words , the decline in the birth rate among Orthodox women , if it exists , is not necessarily due to a rise in the level of integration of these women  into the labor market, but may be due to other reasons . We hypothesize that the reasons are related to processes taking place in the Jewish population in Israel, but to illustrate this claim requires further study.

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