Evaluation of the Space Industry's Impact on the Israeli Economy

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Getz Daphne, Katsman Arkady, Zalmanovich Bella, Paikowsky Deganit, Gilad Vered, Even-Zohar Yair. Evaluation of the Space Industry's Impact on the Israeli Economy Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2009. https://www.neaman.org.il/EN/Evaluation-Space-Industry-Impact-Israeli-Economy-pub1
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This project was operating under the auspices of the S. Neaman Institute and the Economics of National Security (ENS) Program. Its goal was to map the interconnections between Israel's academy, its national defense system and the industry in light of the country's growth and position in space industry and in space technology. In the framework of this project, an attempt was made to evaluate the impact of the space industry on the Israeli economy by collecting, analyzing and presenting data on the industry, on the training of human resources and on R&D in this field. The aim was to collect the key data on this industry and to analyze the factors that impact its development and potential in order to examine the rationale for government support for this industry.

The work was summarized in 6 reports which were published during 2007(4) and 2008 (2):
Report no. 5 presents data assembled by interviewing Israeli space industry leaders.

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