Increasing Productivity in Research & Development: Conclusions of a Seminar

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Darel E., Bonen Zeev. Increasing Productivity in Research & Development: Conclusions of a Seminar Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 1992.

This brochure sums up the proceedings of the second workshop on "R&D Productivity", held at the Neaman Institute on May 12th, 1992, and is a direct continuation of the first workshop on the same topic held on January 3rd, 1991.

At the first workshop the research aims were defined, the factors influencing productivity and approaches for increasing R&D productivity (see Dar-El and Meirsdorf, 1991) were identified. Conclusions from the first workshop and results of following research formed the basis for the second workshop summarized herewith.

These two workshops constitute part of a research project conducted in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management by Professor Ezey Dar-El, Dr. Ze'ev Bonen and Doron Meirsdorf (M.Sc.). The research subject is "increasing R&D productivity" and its aim is to develop tools and methods for measuring and appraising R&D productivity, identify factors in the R&D system requiring improvement and develop approaches for their improvement.

The workshops are held as part of Doron Meirsdorf's doctorate program and are a direct continuation of his Master's program on this subject.

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