Eliezer Shein

Eliezer Shein
Technology forecasts for scientific and technological personnel needs

Technology forecasts for scientific and technological personnel needs

This study was conducted as part of a four-year tender for the National Council for Research and Development in the Ministry of Science and Technology. The objective of this study is to forecasts the needs of scientific and technological personnel for selected fields/professions for the short term (10 years).
Industrial requirements for bio-fabrication

Industrial requirements for bio-fabrication

As part of developing the bio-convergence field as an economic growth engine for Israel, there is great importance in collecting data concerning the industrial need for infrastructure and services. This includes information about the required equipment, the types of products for which service is required, what engineering skills are needed, expertise in design processes, and more.
Mapping Human Talent Requirements for Jerusalem

Mapping Human Talent Requirements for Jerusalem's Advanced Industry

The Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research, together with The Jerusalem Development Authority, Jerusalem Municipality, The Social-Economic Forum and The Employers Administration initiated a project for encouraging discharged soldiers to study and work in Jerusalem. The main aim of this project is to identify trends in human talent requirements within the Jerusalem labor market.
Evaluation of the Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP) Program

Evaluation of the Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP) Program

The Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP) is a joint initiative of Yad Hanadiv, the Klarman Family Foundation the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education, Digital Israel, and the Israel Science Foundation. The program's aim is to advance basic research as well as new diagnostic and therapeutic methods by Israeli academic and clinical researchers. The purpose of Samuel Neaman’s Institute evaluation research project is to identify challenges in the field, understand the nature of collaborations between academics and medical institutions, and monitor the scientific and technological achievements arising from the program.
Graduates of Israeli Universities MD PhD Training Program

Graduates of Israeli Universities MD PhD Training Program

MD-PhD program graduates are an important pillar in Biomedical research in general, and particularly in the conduction of translational medical research. Developed countries invest significant efforts in this unique human-talent resource which in turn can contribute greatly to the local ecosystem advancing the healthcare, industrial and academic sectors.
Absorption of Senior Israeli and Foreign Researchers in Israeli Universities

Absorption of Senior Israeli and Foreign Researchers in Israeli Universities

This research, carried out at the request of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, relates to Israeli and foreign researchers who were senior faculty members in universities abroad and chose to accept position of Associate or Full Professor in Israeli universities. The study provides a recent mapping of these researchers in Israel including their research focus, the motivation for their arrival, their integration in Israeli universities and strategies for encouraging this process.
מחקר על פיתוח וייצור תרופות חדשניות בישראל

Models for Translational Medical Research in Israel

This project examines various models for the translation of academic discoveries ‘from bench to bedside’ to create innovative medications. The research examines how different countries in the world support basic biomedical academic discoveries and advance them towards industrial applications. The observation of these models can support the local pharmaceutical eco-system in leveraging Israel’s academic excellence to create societal and economic benefits. In addition, the research examines successful buildups of pharmaceutical eco-systems, in which the academy is a key player, in comparable countries such as Denmark and Singapore.
Public Funding of R&D: PREF

Public Funding of R&D: PREF

SNI is a partner of the PREF project, sponsored by the European Union (FP7).
UNESCO 2015:Science and Innovation in Israel

UNESCO 2015:Science and Innovation in Israel

לבקשת אונסקו מד”ר דפנה גץ, נכתב ע”י מוסד שמואל נאמן, פרק לגבי מדע, טכנולוגיה וחדשנות (STI) בישראל. הפרק התפרסם במסגרת דו”ח אונסקו 2015 UNESCO Science Report.

Israel's SETI system - a series of studied by UNESCO on science, engineering, technology and innovation policy

The study was commissioned by the Israel Academy of Sciences and will be published in UNESCO's series of studies on Science, Engineering, Technology, and Innovation (SETI) policies during 2015.
מיפוי המחקר והפיתוח החקלאי בישראל

Mapping Agriculture R&D in Israel

The Science and Innovation Department of the British Council (through the British Embassy in Israel) has partnered with the Samuel Neaman Institute (SNI) in a joint project, the objective of which is to identify the relevant subjects in the area of Agricultural Science that have high synergy and high potential for cooperation between the United Kingdom and Israeli scientists.
חדשנות במגזר ה- ICT בישראל

Innovation in the ICT Sector in Israel

SNI was commissioned by the World Bank to prepare a chapter for their World Development Report 2016 on the subject ‘Best Practices and Lessons Learned in ICT Sector Innovation: A Case Study of Israel.’ The study, led by Dr. Daphne Getz, analyzes and describes how government policies (national and local) have contributed to the development of a vibrant ecosystem that has spurred a high rate of both technological innovation (e.g., VoIP, security software) and entrepreneurship, and describes the environment it has created.
הכשרת כ"א ופיתוח הון אנושי בתחום הגנת הסייבר בישראל

Training of Personnel and Development of Human Capital in the Field of the Cyber Defense of Israel

The study was commissioned by the National Cyber Headquarters at the Prime Minister's Office and funded jointly by the Cyber Headquarters and SNI.
סקר קשרי החוץ של ישראל במדע ומחקר ופיתוח ברמה הלאומית והמוסדית

A Survey of Israel’s Foreign Relations in Science, Research, and Development at the National and Institutional Level

In 2014, the Neaman Institute completed the first phase of the survey of Israel's foreign relations in R&D at the national and institutional level. As part of this stage, a comprehensive survey was conducted, and a computerized database was established.
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