Graduates of Israeli Universities MD- PhD Training Program

Dr. Daphne Getz, Avida Shoham, Eliezer Shein, Sima Tziperfal
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Getz Daphne, Shoham Avida, Shein Eliezer, Tziperfal Sima. Graduates of Israeli Universities MD- PhD Training Program Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2020.

This research was commissioned by the Israel Medical Association, aiming to examine the opportunity of Israeli MD-PhD training program graduates to realize their research capabilities in accordance with their training.

As part of the research, the integration of Israeli MD-PhD program graduates in the healthcare, academic, commercial and governmental sectors in the last two decades was studied.

119 graduates answered an internet survey relating to issues such as time and funding dedicated for research purposes, participation in commercial/entrepreneurial activities, academic appointments and research collaborations. As part of the research, designated interviews were also conducted with the program graduates.

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