Research Collaborations Between Israeli Researchers and Researchers from Abroad

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Frenkel Amnon, Shoam A., Czapski Gideon. Research Collaborations Between Israeli Researchers and Researchers from Abroad Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 1991.
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This research project is a continuation and complement to a previous research conducted in the framework of the S. Neaman Institute at the Technion1. The above research made use of the computerized data bases of the Institute of Science Information (ISI), Philadelphia, U.S.A. For this purpose the Neaman Institute purchased from ISI a sub-data base which includes data on the publications of Israeli scientists during the years 1972-1984. The research result show that the quality of research projects conducted by Israeli scientist abroad, according to their being quoted in scientific periodicals, significantly exceeds that of research done in Israel. Also apparent from the research is a trend indicating that in recent years there is an increase in the tendency of Israeli scientists to transfer their activities abroad. During the last decade there was an increase in research cooperation with scientists abroad, from 14% to 30% and more, as measured by the quantity of projects done in cooperation with scientists abroad.

The research, which spread over a two year period, comprised a field survey which included 250 researchers from among the Technion's and Hebrew University's academic staff. We wish to thank all the scientists who agreed to cooperate with us and contribute their time to answer our questions, thus enabling us to conduct our research.

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