Revital (Tali) Tal

Revital Tali-Tal
Senior Research Fellow
Studies: Sustainable Development

Studies: Sustainable Development

Samuel Neaman Institute's publications in the field discuss the challenges and opportunities arising from a situation of lack of resources – land, energy, water, food and raw materials in industry. The studies present analyses of the existing situation, along with the potential for efficiency improvements and innovation and the leverage of Israeli Environmental R&D, agriculture and industry.
סדרי עדיפות לאומית בנושאי איכות סביבה

Studies: National Environmental Priorities

One of the functions of the Samuel Neaman Institute is to bridge the gap between academia, industry and decision-makers by making applicable, up-to-date information and research-based knowledge accessible to state institutions. The documents of national priorities compiled at the Shmuel Ne'eman Institute deal with a variety of issues that are important to raise on the public agenda.
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