Profile of "Outstanding Socially Committed Leadership"

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Katz Shacham Oshrat, Klein Rinat, Tziperfal Sima, Gal Reuven, Getz Daphne. Profile of "Outstanding Socially Committed Leadership" Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2023.

This research employs qualitative methods to present the profiles of graduates from the Edmond de Rothschild Partnerships Programs as committed social leaders who work towards narrowing social and economic gaps within Israeli society. The study examines how these graduates influence the communities they have emerged from or the frameworks in which they have been placed, whether these are public organizations, non-governmental associations, local authorities, or private entities. The research highlights the accomplishments of the graduates and the challenges they encounter, detailing how inherent qualities, combined with skills and tools acquired throughout the Rothschild programs, have aided their achievements.

The research identifies the personal attributes, capabilities, and skills that influence the success of the graduates as social leaders. It can guide program managers towards specific emphases in the processes of selection, training, and couching, all aimed at fostering effective and impactful social leadership. Furthermore, the study examines the relationship between graduates and the organization's alumni network, delineating recommendations derived from conversations with graduates to enhance this connection.

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