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Manuel Trajtenberg

Manuel Trajtenberg
Professor of Economics

Manuel Trajtenberg, Professor of Economics, Tel Aviv University, Senior researcher at the Samuel Neaman Institute of the Technion, former Chairman of the National Economic Council in the Prime Minister’s Office, Chairman of the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the National Council for Higher Education, Chairman of the Committee for Socio-economic Change, and a member of Knesset.

Science, technology, economics (STE)

Science, technology, economics (STE)

STE is a core program of the S. Neaman Institute, aimed at developing national policy alternatives for key issues lying at the interface between Science, Technology and the Economy.
The Economics Of Higher Education (EHE)

The Economics Of Higher Education (EHE)

Over the past year, a broad research activity took place on the topic of "The Economics of Higher Education: Towards the redesign of the 'Israeli Model'" (in short, EHE), in collaboration with Forum Sapir. The higher education system in Israel is undergoing a profound crisis, which calls for a swift revision of the basic premises upon which it has functioned over the past half century.

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22 September, 2011