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Models for Translational Medical Research in Israel

This project examines various models for the translation of academic discoveries ‘from bench to bedside’ to create innovative medications. The research examines how different countries in the world support basic biomedical academic discoveries and advance them towards industrial applications. The observation of these models can support the local pharmaceutical eco-system in leveraging Israel’s academic excellence to create societal and economic benefits. In addition, the research examines successful buildups of pharmaceutical eco-systems, in which the academy is a key player, in comparable countries such as Denmark and Singapore.

Insects in the Service of Man

Insects are of fundamental importance to the ecosystem, and their existence is critical for human survival. Insects play a variety of roles in the service of man, while the research of the full potential inherent in them is still in various stages.
Finished Projects

Hazardous Household Chemicals and Hazardous Waste: Policy and Procedures Recommendations for Implementation in Israel

In 2012 we chose the issue of hazardous household chemicals and hazardous waste management as a national priority in the environmental field, as chemicals and wastes are not properly handled institutionally or systemically in Israel.


Preventive intervention for children undergoing surgery, coupled with changes in the policies of the Department of pediatric Surgery, Operating Room and Recovery Room, designed to enhance the children’s emotional, cognitive and behavioral control, in order to accomplish the developmental, psychological tasks and promote their mental health.

R&D Project On Fighting Terror

This project is a joint effort of the Council for National Security and the S. Neaman Institute. In this project, various methods for supporting and enhancing R&D to combat terror are evaluated, integrating the private, government and defense sectors.

Population Studies in Molecular Epidemiology of Cancer in Israel

The Department of Community Medicine and Epidemiology (CHS National Cancer Control Center, Carmel Medical Center and B. Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion) is conducting studies, under the auspices of the S. Neaman Institute, aimed at collecting information about the characteristics of cancer morbidity in the various demographic groups of the Israeli population. Cancer usually results from behavioral exposures combined with the genetic background of the individual.

Women-Physicians' Inroads Into Male Specialties (Surgery)

The goal of this study is to present a precise picture of the changes which have occurred in the rate of female representation in surgery through a literature review examining the various factors which have brought about these changes, and by surveying female physicians who made these changes.

The Martin and Dorothy Kellner Health Promotion Program

The program will consist of a longitudinal field study in a medium-size Israeli town where an intensive and comprehensive program will be implemented on the individual, family, and community levels. The program falls in the realm of primary prevention which will focus on individuals at high risk for a physical disease, who have not yet been affected by the condition to be prevented.

Developing a Northern Biotechnologies Cluster in Israel - BioNorth

The S. Neaman Institute is leading an initiative to establish a ‘Northern Biotechnologies Cluster in Israel’ incorporating all companies, incubators, start-ups and academy researchers in the north of Israel. The rationale for this initiative is that biotechnology has become the fastest growing industrial sector in Israel and worldwide, and is reshaping science, especially life science, medicine, food and agriculture.