Giora Shalgi

Giora Shalgi
Senior Research Fellow

Giora Shalgi (born 11 December 1938), an Israeli engineer and Rafael CEO in 1998 - 2004.

Shalgi, born in Israel, served in 1956-1960 as an officer in the Israeli Ordnance Corps and completed his service as a captain. After his military service he studied for a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Technion, where he graduated with honors in 1965. During his studies he began working as a Optoelectronics technician at Rafael, and played a role in the development of the Air-to-Air Missiles project. His work continued in various positions until 1976, while completing his master's degree in mechanics from the Technion (1971).

In 1976-1978 Shalgi studied Aerospace Studies at Stanford University. At his return to Israel he was appointed manager of Optoelectronics Department of Rafael ,a position he held until 1987, in which he was entrusted with the establishment of a center for technological excellence. Later he was appointed Vice President of Rafael and Manager of Missiles Division. While serving in the position until 1997, the Authority was under a severe crisis that prompted repositioning of the Division, that became a worldwide leader in its field scale and the main growing source of Rafael. After 12 years in the position he was appointed Vice President of Research and Development and shortly after the CEO of Rafael.

Shalgi was the head of Rafael in 1998 - 2004, during which the Authority has turned from an auxiliary unit of the Defense Ministry to a government company. Its sales increased by approximately 60% and its revenue by approximately $ 800 million. Six years later he retired from Rafael. In his years in the defense industry he was involved in the development of the Shafrir 2 missile and Python 3 missile and was a member of two Israel Defense Prize winners teams (1970 and 1978 respectively). For his role as head of Optoelectronics, he won the Bergman Award (1984). In 1991 he was awarded honorary membership by the SME (Society of Industrial Engineering) and in 2001 honorary member of the Israel Society for Quality.

Since 2005, Shalgi is engaged in various fields, some voluntarily, including: organizational consulting and quality management, memberships in professional committees and different boards and as a lecturer in academic circles. A member of the Coordination Committee for defense industries companies.

Documents Giora Shalgi produced in the framework of the Center for Industrial Excellence (Hebrew) :

1. The Draft Summary Report- Recommendations of the committee for empowering classical industries

2. Industrial Ecosystem of Large Israeli Industrial Companies- Case Study- Prof. Shlomo Maital, Dr. Gilead Fortuna, Giora Shalgi

3. Formatting Organizational Excellence- Rafael- Giora Shalgi

4. Exemplary Organizatios Project- goals, background and status- Giora Shalgi

5. Robotics Project- An Impression Summary- Giora Shalgi

6. Ziv Av Engineering model- Giora Shalgi

7. Leading Organizational Change- moving up north- Giora Shalgi

8. The non-defense contributions of the major defense industries- Giora Shalgi


Other Documents (Hebrew):

1. Israel-Sderot Conference- Cyber Education- Giora Shalgi

2. Choosing a Qualitative Technological-Scientific Track in High-School- Giora Shalgi

3. The Haifa bay port must be prioritized- Giora Shalgi

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שדרוג המערכת הכלכלית בצפון

Upgrading the Economic System of the North

In mid-2014, SNI joined a venture with the Ministry of Economic and Industrie, aimed at drafting a plan for substantial improvement of the economic status of the North. During 2015, the project was completed and a summary report, which includes an analysis of the socioeconomic situation in the north, and recommendations to realize change-generating infrastructure anchors and non-linear growth generators, was submitted to the Government.
The Industrial Excellence Center

The Industrial Excellence Center

The Industrial Excellence Center was established in 2011 and its objective is to promote a national industrial policy. The Center helps formulate and promote a proactive policy of industrial excellence, intended to sustain a balanced and high-quality national industry that maintains a healthy lifecycle, which is tested by its global competitive advantage and quality employment of all sectors of society. The Industrial Excellence Center is also part of the Israel 2028 Vision.
Innovation 2011 – Active Industrial Policy for leveraging Science and Technology and Israel

Innovation 2011 – Active Industrial Policy for leveraging Science and Technology and Israel's Unique Culture of Innovation.

The program commenced at the end of 2009 and ended in 2011. The project was initiated by the U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Foundation, was authorized by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor and led by the Chief Scientist of the Ministry. Innovation 2011 is a strategy for implementing the mission outlined in "Israel 2028 –Vision and Strategy for Economy and Society in a Global World," initiated by the U.S.-Israel Science & Technology Foundation and presented to the Government of Israel.
Empowering the Classical Industry

Empowering the Classical Industry

2016 was characterized by the promotion of the outline proposed by the Committee to Empower Classical Industry, expanding it into other areas, such as education, promoting technological-vocational education
Advanced Manufacturing – Formulating a National Policy

Advanced Manufacturing – Formulating a National Policy

This study is intended to formulate a national policy proposal for promoting and implementing advanced manufacturing in Israel and help in its implementation.
Start-up people have a social duty

Start-up people have a social duty

01 September, 2014
Many of the Israeli entrepreneurs wouldn't have succeeded without the conditions provided by the state, which include the education system, the IDF and the academia - They should remember that before they turn their back on it and prefer to exit over establishing a full company
How to turn a small enterprise into a great success

How to turn a small enterprise into a great success

01 October, 2013
You should draw conclusions from Israeli peer group who successfully deal with the difficult test of making small, traditional industrial enterprises, numbering less than - 50 employees, to large enterprises that sell in more than 100 million shekels a year.
The professional solution for quality education

The professional solution for quality education

11 September, 2013
Vocational education suffers from a negative public image, for example: Amnon Levy's unfortunate statements. In reality, it is a valuable asset to the general population of talented students who do not achieve their potential in the theoretical academic stream of education.
The Startup Nation

The Startup Nation's Scorched Earth

05 February, 2013
Early exit often leaves scorched earth, because it allows knowledge buyers to easily complete the process of product transfer to a convenient environment for them - and disband the Israeli group.
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