Mapping Human Talent Requirements for Jerusalem's Hi-Tech and Biomed Industries

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Getz Daphne, Shein Eliezer, Tziperfal Sima, Shoham Avida, Klein Rinat, Buchnik Tsipy, Raveh Ayelet, Katz Shacham Oshrat, Barzani Ella. Mapping Human Talent Requirements for Jerusalem's Hi-Tech and Biomed Industries Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2022.

The Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research, together with Jerusalem's Development Authority, Jerusalem's Municipality, the Social-Economic Forum, and the Employers Administration initiated a project for encouraging young candidates and discharged soldiers residing in Jerusalem, to live, study and work in the city.

This project aims to contribute to Jerusalem's economic and social development and to identify trends in human talent requirements within Jerusalem's labor market. The information gathered will assist the young population and discharged soldiers (up to 5 years from military service termination) to integrate into career tracks relevant to labor market needs and improve their overall matching with labor market demands.

The current report demonstrates detailed findings from a survey conducted among Hi-Tech and Biomedical companies operating in Jerusalem. Among the topics explored were employers' requirements such as academic degrees, professional skills, soft skills, and prospects for new job openings.

This report also includes respondents' perspectives about difficulties to attract required human talent in Jerusalem, their suggested solutions, and their willingness to employ graduates without previous professional experience. Additionally, several models for combining academic and industrial training are presented.

As part of this research, interviews were conducted with key personnel from small and large sized companies in Jerusalem. The report demonstrates future human-talent related trends in Jerusalem's Hi-Tech and Biomedical industries as observed in those interviews.

The current research lays a substantial foundation for building relevant human-talent capabilities that are in line with Jerusalem's labor market needs. It can assist in integrating young candidates into Jerusalem's Hi-Tech and Biomed industries, thus reducing emigration from the city and contributing to its overall development.

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