Promoting the leadership of Israeli industry in future technologies

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Getz Daphne, Gilad Vered, Buchnik Tsipy, Katz Shacham Oshrat, Tziperfal Sima, Shein Eliezer, Barzani Ella, Lavid Noa, Leck Eran. Promoting the leadership of Israeli industry in future technologies Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2020.

The Israel Innovation Authority has set a goal of promoting the leadership of Israeli industry in future technologies as a strategic goal. Many countries invest huge amount of capital in identifying strategic areas and technological trends, to create a technological competitive advantage over other countries, and to create an economic impact as a result. It is necessary to identify what the future waves of technology are, so that Israel will not lose the competitive advantage in areas in which it is necessary to invest in creating knowledge and expertise in enabling infrastructure technologies, in order to develop applied technologies.

Towards formulating a strategy and comprehensive plans on this topic, the Israel Innovation Authority requested Shmuel Ne'eman Institute to implement an in-depth study in which ten future sub-technologies will be examined.

The Israel Innovation Authority has defined criteria and preconditions for prioritization for the purpose of selecting sub-technologies that will be reviewed in the framework of this study.

Preconditions: There is academic knowledge, the industry’s ability to absorb the technology, and investment of an appropriate size.

Criteria: There is an ability to realize the potential and a national need.

This report includes an overview and measures of the selected ten sub-technologies selected in this work.
The technologies selected are:
1. AgroTech and Precision Agriculture
2. Alternative food sources
3. Satellite communications
4. Space resources
5. Multidisciplinary integration of biology, software, and engineering for the world of medicine (Bio - Convergence)
6. Energy storage
7. Energy transmission
8. Integrated Photonics / Silicon Photonics
9. 3D printing of advanced materials, technologies, and applications
10. Command and Control systems for integrated autonomous systems

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