Interim Report of the Investigatory Team on the State of the Chemical Industry in Israel at the Beginning of the 21st Century

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Fortuna Gilead, Avnimelech Yoram, Getz Daphne, Wachs Reuven, Kehat Ephraim, Tadmor Zehev. Interim Report of the Investigatory Team on the State of the Chemical Industry in Israel at the Beginning of the 21st Century Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2003.

The aim of this work is to survey the state of the chemical industry in Israel today and the alternatives for its future development and to recommend formulation of a national policy in this field. This work complements and updates the chemical industry survey conducted and distributed by the S. Neaman Institute in 1995, by Efraim Kehat and Reuven Wachs.

In the first stage, which ends with this report, material was gathered and analyzed on the dynamic characteristics of the chemical industry in the world and its commercial position as well as the competitive ability of the Israeli chemical industry on the one hand and continuing its achievements and development in the coming years, on the other.

With the termination of this stage we intend to submit our recommendations for an open discussion in a forum combining professionals and national policy makers in order to create an agreed national vision. Based on this vision we wish to initiate a detailed work with the purpose of complementing the conclusions and formulating a national policy with concrete objectives and the means to achieve them.

  • Analysis of the chemical industry was done from a number of view points.
  • World chemical industry
  • National policy in other countries in our world
  • The trends, products, technologies, achievements and contribution to the economy by the Israeli chemical industry during the last decade.
  • The new technological disciplines and their ability to leverage and upgrade the existing chemical industry.
  • Four main recommendations constitute the summary of this stage of our work.

In the next stage of this work we envision the formulation of a national policy for developing the chemical industry and its application. The policy will strive to combine the various braches of the State, industrialist, institutes of higher learning in Israel, technology greenhouses and research institutes for joint activity in which each of them will perform his part with devotion, coordination and harmony.

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