the construction of an insdustrial park in the areas of shfara'am

A master plan for the construction of a new industrial park at the closed quarry of Shfar'am, consolidates a recommended strategy for the new industrial zone in Shfar'am, to be built in the quarry adjacent to the eastern side of the town of Shefar'am. For the first time in Israel, an Arab municipality is leading a significant process of promoting the combined Jewish-Arab economy. The focus is on the characterization of the new industrial park and its construction methods and the desired management method, to bring about the creation of a significant leverage for economic and social growth for the town of Shfar'am and its residents, as well as for all the residents of the area. As part of the program, a strategic planning process was conducted, referring to the vision of the park, an examination of its industrial uniqueness, management uniqueness, and the uniqueness of town-industry relationships. Three options for the park's positioning were examined:

  • The possibility of relying on industries in which Shfar'am and the region specialize.
  • Relying on high-tech industries, with an emphasis on life sciences, computing, and communications.
  • Absorbing traditional industries that combine advanced manufacturing processes, together with high-tech industries and industries with export potential - without highlighting any specific industry. The third option is the recommended one, and that according to which the strategy for action is proposed. This means that the Shfar'am Park has to be differentiated from other parks by its focus on its customers and their success and will not be a purely real estate project.
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