Business Plan - The College for Entrepreneurship and Export in Tefen

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Sharon D.. Business Plan - The College for Entrepreneurship and Export in Tefen Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 1990.
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This document provides a detailed description of plans for establishing and operating an entrepreneurship and export college in Tefen.

Under discussion is a system for training and educating towards entrepreneurship. Its core will be a training process based on combining project work with teaching know-how in areas relevant to the functioning of the entrepreneur. We began planning the college even before the recent immigration wave, but we have no doubt that this welcome occurrence adds increased relevance and vitality to the project.

Entrepreneurship is a matter of knowledge-cognitive training, but no less a matter of 'state of mind' – i.e., a set of internal positions which dictates entrepreneurial behavior to the individual. The key question that confronted us in this respect was whether it was possible to educate and train entrepreneurship with a reasonable degree of success. The answer, provided by the research, and based on the experience of others, especially in the U.S., is affirmative. The next question was if and how can we find the individuals possessing the suitable personal traits which will make them function as successful entrepreneurs.

Research has shown it is possible to sort people with entrepreneurial characteristics with a reasonable degree of success. The research also shows that it is possible to develop and encourage these tendencies while teaching the relevant know-how. That is what we are doing in this project.

Is there need for the project? We examined this subject in the Israeli and world context and the conclusion is unequivocal: yes.

There exists in Israel a study and training system in many fields and all levels. The prominent drawback of this system is that only a low percentage of its graduates tend to choose an entrepreneur's way of life, compared to countries typified by a healthy entrepreneurship percentage,. A comparative-economic analysis of the world's countries shows that economic strength, high employment percentages and optimal use of manpower, and a favorable trade balance can be achieved only around a healthy entrepreneurial setup. We have no doubt, especially in view of the welcome massive immigration, that projects of this sort are absolutely necessary.

What is so special about the present project? Two things: first, the training program is based on combining practical projects with theoretical studies, with the project becoming progressively more complex up to the stage where the final project will be a real industrial project.

Second, the physical location within an industrial incubator in Tefen. We plan to establish an incubator for growing entrepreneurs next to the incubator for industries. We attach principle importance to the fact that the college is located within an industrial park. In addition to the technical services it will receive, the college will operate in combination and close contact with the park's industries. Not less important is the overall atmosphere and the hidden curriculum practiced in the park. This refers to a group of people interested in developing a profitable export industry, with whom the college students will develop their socializing process.

The results of a comprehensive market survey are attached to the present business plan.

The market survey which probed several segments in parallel proved that there is a positive public response to the idea of the college. The survey also proves that we can find a suitable group of young people to study entrepreneurship at the college.

We have also examined the question of availability of the needed teaching resources, and here too the answer is affirmative.

Framework of operation: we are talking about a boarding school training program of 36 weeks, 40 weekly hours, for 32 students. (It is expected that about a third to one half will be new immigrants). The college staff will be 4.5 people and another 3 organizational workers.

The college will operate in an area of 517 sq.m. in Tefen, and 4.5 boarding school buildings in Lavon.

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