Analyzing Teva corporate contribution to Israel Economy

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Fortuna Gilead, Neev Yuval, Friman Daniel. Analyzing Teva corporate contribution to Israel Economy Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2014.
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This research report is a part of our efforts to study the contribution of large corporations to the national economy.

Three contributions were studied for the last decade 2003- 2012– the direct contribution, the total contribution and the “soft “contribution. In the last years the Teva contribution to the GDP was about one tenth of the total industry. The total multiplier was 1.98, the GDP multiplier was 1.72 and the employment multiplier was 5.53. The “soft” contribution was mainly to the national R&D, developing the global management policies and talents, to the M&A processes and to the scientific education in the schools of Israel. Teva corporate contribution can be viewed as a positive example to the potential contribution of large global Israeli companies to the national economy.

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