Higher Education Forum: Session No.58:Academia in a Changing World – Concluding Meeting

Session 4 out of 4 26.12.22

Chairperson and Facilitator: Professor Aaron Ciechanover

The 21st century has brought rapid technological and social changes, which pose new challenges to academia, society, and the academic ethos and values, including academic freedom. The first session in this series was devoted to examining the limits of academic values, including academic freedom, in the face of challenges stemming from social conditions of polarization and crisis. The second session discussed the economic, social, public, and ethical constraints and limits on the values of academia, including academic freedom. The third session focused on constraints and limits on academic values, including academic freedom, in teaching in general and in professional teaching in particular. In this current and concluding session of the series, we will discuss "values, borders, and red lines" from different perspectives: academic, political, legal, industrial, and philosophical. These will be Israeli perspectives, but some of them are relevant to academia worldwide.

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