Energy Forum 44: Environmental, Economic and Security Considerations at the Position of the Gas Handling Platform from the Leviathan Rig

Energy Forum Program: Environmental, economic and security considerations at the location of the gas handling platform from the Leviathan rig

13:00-13:10     Opening

13:10-13:20     Yossi Wirtzburger - Director of the Natural Resources Administration and the Commissioner of Petroleum Affairs, Ministry of
                    Energy: Considerations for the location of the Leviathan rig

13:20-13:30     Mr. Amnon Portugali - Hazan Center at the Van Leer Institute:
                    Economic and Environmental Considerations at the Position of the Gas Handling Platform from the Leviathan rig

13:30-13:40     Prof. Einat Aharonov - The Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew University:
                    The Dangers of the State of Israel from the Leviathan Development Plan

13:40-13:50     Prof. Yoad Tzur - Head of the Energy Program, Technion:
                    The best solution for the State of Israel to deal with Mediterranean gas discoveries

13:50-14:00     Prof. Steve Brenner, Department of Geography, Bar-Ilan University:
                    Modeling of oil spill dispersion in the eastern Mediterranean Sea

14:00-14:10     Dr. Dror Zural - Scientific Center for Marine Monitoring and Research, Ministry of Environmental Protection:
                    The Impact of the Tamar and Meri B Bases on the Marine Environment

14:10-14:20     Dr. Miriam Lev-On and Dr. Perry Lev-On - The Lev-On Group:
                    Review of Air Quality Impact from Offshore Oil & Gas Production as a Function of Distance from Shore

14:20-14:30     Nir Zarchi - Research Fellow, Haifa Center for Marine Policy and Strategy:
                    Security Aspects of the Location of the Leviathan Platform

14:30-14:50     Break

14:50-17:00     Open discussion, focusing on the following questions:

  • What are the expected damages from the construction of the gas treatment platform near the shore?
  • What are the considerations for locating the platform / platform near the production point, away from the shore?
  • What is the importance of the Leviathan production platform as part of the natural gas transmission system in Israel?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of locating natural gas treatment facilities on land and sea?

17:00             Finish

 The 44th Energy Forum report summarizes the discussion. Below are the participants' presentations.

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