Biotechnology meeting at Neaman Institute

This meeting was the second on the subject of bio-technologies and it dealt with various bio-chemistry issues. (The first meeting was held on October 26, 2004 and it dealt with bio-medicine issues)

The meeting was held as a part of initiating a "œBiotechnologies Cluster" in the north of Israel.

56 invited guests participated in the second meeting and it included interesting presentations and discussions. (See the meeting plan and the attachments).



An important part of the meeting was the presentations given By Dr. A. Rotem from Neaman Inst. About the plan to establish a: ג€œBiotechnology Communication and Information Centerג€ at Neaman Institute; A presentation to initiate a new consortium: "Metabolomics Consortium", given by Dr. Eli Khayat from Rahan Meristem Co. and an initiative to establish a "Biotechnologies Industrial Park" in Haifa, brought by Mr Avi Pepercorn, general manager of the Haifa Economic Crporation.

(See the attachments 6 - 8).


WorkShop Plan In Hebrew

Workshop plan In English





1. Dr. Abraham Rotem

2. Prof. Yuval Shoham

3. Mr. Eyal Ginzberg

4. Prof. Shimon Gepstein

5. Prof. Carlos Dosoretz

6. Dr. Abraham Rotem

7. Dr. Eli Khayat

8. Mr. Avi Pepercorn

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