Studies: Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is aimed at balancing environmental, economic and social goals: striving to conserve natural resources and maintain a healthy environment so that society can continue to develop in the long term.

Samuel Neaman Institute's publications in the field discuss the challenges and opportunities arising from a situation of lack of resources – land, energy, water, food and raw materials in industry. The studies present analyses of the existing situation, along with the potential for efficiency improvements and innovation and the leverage of Israeli Environmental R&D, agriculture and industry.

The Environmental cluster of Samuel Neaman Institute, in collaboration with the Shamir Research Institute, is currently conducting two studies on the ancillary benefits of nature for humans, including Building a personal resilience through contact with nature in the times of Corona, and Evaluating the benefits of JNF forests for physical and psychological well-being.

See also further activities on the topic of Transit oriented development and Promoting energy conservation technologies in residential dwellings.


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