News From 2023

Prof. Daniel Aldrich Social Ties and Social Infrastructure in Recovery

11 November, 2023

Prof. Daniel Aldrich led a thought-provoking seminar on "Social Ties and Social Infrastructure in Recovery". Prof. Aldrich, a global expert in social-community resilience, shared valuable insights. The event drew in researchers from SNI’s National Resilience Forum, TKUMA'S reps, and other dedicated researchers.

The seminar recording can be found here: 

The Samuel Neaman Institute dedicates specialized resources to effectively manage emergencies

01 November, 2023

The Samuel Neaman Institute dedicates specialized resources to effectively manage emergencies and contribute to the rehabilitation of both society and the state. Collaborating with the National Knowledge and Research Centre on Emergencies at Haifa University and the Minerva Centre for the Study of the Rule of Law in Extreme Situations, the Institute is committed to aiding governmental entities across three key areas: supporting the management of ongoing states of emergency, facilitating the rehabilitation of the Western Negev, and assisting in preparations for handling future extreme situations.
Moreover, the Institute offers Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and information gathering infrastructures. It organizes meetings and handles editing and publishing for teams working to safeguard sensitive infrastructures during prolonged emergency situations, such as those impacting democracy, education, community and personal security, and high-tech sectors. The Institute also endeavors to strengthen the intricate connections within Israeli society, fostering the delicate fabric that binds Arab and Jewish communities and connecting academia with the broader societal landscape.
For those researchers and students interested in contributing to these initiatives, the Institute invites requests. Prospective contributors are encouraged to send a brief explanation (one paragraph) outlining the essence of their proposed contribution, be it an idea or tools, to .

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