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מנהיג ברית המועצות לשעבר מיכאיל סרגייביץ' גּוּרְבָּצ'וֹב

06 September, 2022

The European Union will support the establishment of a national strategy research institute in the Czech Republic, accompanied by the Samuel Neaman Institute

26 July, 2022

A memorandum of understanding has been signed for the establishment of the Institute for National Strategy (INS) in Prague.
The Institute will be independent and will not be subject to any establishment or organization.
Samuel Neaman Institute will give guidance and assistance to the INS in order to help the Czech Republic in applied policy research.
The establishment of the INS Institute in the Czech Republic is based on the Czech National Recovery Plan) as approved by EU institutions.
The signing ceremony was held last week at the Presidential Palace in Prague and was mentioned in the speech given by the President of Israel during his visit to the Czech Republic. The memorandum was signed between the Samuel Neaman Institute and the Czech Joint Chamber of Commerce (CISOK).

Samuel Neaman Institute is a National policy research institute focusing on policies in science, technology, higher education, environment, economy, society and infrastructure, established in 1978 to assist in the search for solutions to national problems in science and technology, education, economy and industry, and social development. Among the prominent studies led by the Neaman Institute that influenced the policy of decision makers are the Packaging Law, solar energy in industry, the development of the north, the fight against violence in the Arab sector, the employment of ultra-Orthodox in high-tech, policy research in the fields of R&D, and more. The Czech and Israeli Joint Chamber of Commerce is an influential independent public body engaged in promoting ties between the countries.

The agreement was signed by Prof. Irad Yavneh, Director General of the Samuel Neaman Institute, Dr. Eitan Adres, Senior Researcher at the Samuel Neaman Institute, Pavel Smutny, President of the Czech Joint Chamber of Commerce, and Vice President Jiří Maceška. According to Dr. Eitan Adres, the agreement reflects the excellent friendly relations between the Czech Republic and Israel, and the great appreciation that the Czechs have for strategic research in Israel. The cooperation will enable Israel to learn from what is happening in the Czech Republic and to develop additional international ties in these areas.

Will Israel health world join the 4.0 community?

01 February, 2022

Giora Shalgi, a senior researcher at the Center for Industrial Excellence at the Samuel Neaman Institute, is expanding the activities of community 4.0 to the health field. This education concept will advance companies and organizations into the current technological age and enable streamlining in the fields of health as well.

The Samuel Neaman Institute and the Technion together on Innovation Stamp in the Manufacturing Industry

01 February, 2022

Dr. Gilad Fortuna, from the Industrial Excellence Group at the Samuel Neaman Institute, is leading a project in manufacturing industry with the Technion to lead innovation in Israel's industries.

Samuel Neaman Institute is a partner in the Personal and Community Security Index in mixed cities

01 February, 2022

Dr. Nohad Ali, a senior researcher at Samuel Neaman Institute, launched this month The Survey of Personal Security in Arab Society in the Mixed Cities, with the participation of the mayor of Haifa and the Abraham Initiatives, the index is intended to provide a conjectiveness regarding violence in Arab society.

"The Winners and Losers of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Israel and France": Samuel Neaman Institute Leads New Research

05 January, 2022

The proposal of Dr. Eran Leck, a senior researcher at the Samuel Neaman Institute, "The winners and losers of the covid-19 pandemic in Israel and France: an assessment of the long-term effects of the crisis on the welfare and best of the population", submitted under the Israel-France bi-national programs, was funded by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology. The study is carried out in collaboration with the Paris Political Science Institute – Sciences Po. The research team includes Dr. Yael Albo and Dr. Eran Zaidis of Western Galilee College. The purpose of the study is to model and predict the factors related to objective and subjective well-being of the Israeli and French populations in the stages of the end of the pandemic and recovery from it, using integrated panel data based on probability and digital trace data.

Dr. Reuven Gal will serve as a member of the team to examine the IDF service model

05 January, 2022

Dr. Reuven Gal, a senior researcher at the Samuel Neaman Institute, will serve as a member of the expert committee that will accompany the IDF’s staff work project to examine the IDF's mandatory service model. In this framework, the report on the IDF recruitment model: Alternatives and Innovations, published at the Samuel Neaman Institute, will serve as the work of the IDF's headquarters.

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