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News From 2020

We Will Bounce Back Professor Shlomo Meital interview with Dr. Reuven Gal

20 April, 2020

Professor Shlomo Meital conducts an interview with colleague Dr. Reuven Gal on the question - How do we Israelis recover from the crisis?

Prof. Rachelle Alterman on the radio interview by Erel Segal

01 May, 2019

Prof. Rachelle Alterman was interviewed on Erel Segal's "Radio Lelo Hafsaka" (103 FM) program. The topic - construction of residential towers, explaining why towers are not a good solution to the problem of population density in Israel.

Prof. Ofira Ayalon was awarded the 2018 ‘Michael Landau Prize’ for the Sciences and Research in the field of sustainability

12 December, 2017

Prof. Ofira Ayalon was awarded by ‘Michael Landau Prize’ for the Sciences and Research in the field of sustainability.
From the judges' reasoning: "Sustainability is a cardinal area of ​​our continuous existence on Earth. The field is comprised of a vast array of disciplines, each of which contributes to the foundation of our existence and the existence of future generations.
Therefore, the committee examined the range of contributions of each candidate over the range of issues related to sustainability and found that the chosen candidate made significant contributions over a wide range of topics related to sustainability issues in Israel as well as global problems.
After consideration of letters of recommendation and examination of the contribution to the field of sustainability, the committee reached the decision to award the Landau Science Prize in the field of sustainability to Prof. Ofira Ayalon.

Mifal Hapayis Landau prize awarding ceremony - Prof. Ofira Ayalon

Good urban planning starts from the bottom - Prof. Rachel Alterman talks 102FM

12 December, 2017

Urban planning starts from the bottom, as close as possible to the community: Prof. Rachelle Alterman (Technion) talks about the need to change the overly centralized Israel Planning and Building Law.
link to The radio program :