A Survey of Israel’s Foreign Relations in Science, Research, and Development at the National and Institutional Level

In 2014, the Neaman Institute completed the first phase of the survey of Israel's foreign relations in R&D at the national and institutional level. As part of this stage, a comprehensive survey was conducted, and a computerized database was established.

The database is comprised of considerable amount of information about the scientific national and institutional foreign relations of the State of Israel. In 2016, the second phase of the project was conducted, which included supplements and extensions of the activity performed in the first phase. The third phase is taking place during 2017, in which all data in the database will be updated. Upon completion of the third phase, the complete and updated computerized database will serve as a tool to help design policies regarding Israel's scientific foreign relations of the National Commission to Coordinate Foreign Relations at the NCRD and other relevant bodies.

Israel international relations in R&D are many and varied. Most of the information on Israel's scientific foreign relations is scattered among various agencies. This decentralization creates a situation where there is no coordination and planning regarding the needs and possibilities in the various fields, or between the existing programs with different countries and agencies. Israeli representation in international institutions has been often double or missing.

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