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KAN Environment / Interview with Prof. Ofira Ayalon

28 March, 2023

Prof. Ofira Ayalon, talks about the “holidays fever” of cleaning and shopping before Pesach. Some of the solutions regarding the climate crisis is to consume, cook, throw away, use cleaning agents, buy new clothes - less.
The abolition of the tax on disposable dishes and the tax on sweetened soft drinks also have major negative effects on the environment.

Link to the full interview with Prof. Ayalon - starts at 19:45

The forecasts are impressive, but the Ministry of Environmental Protection is unable to reduce waste landfilling

22 March, 2023

In the past month, the Minister of Environmental Protection, Idit Silman, and her ministry officials have appeared before Knesset committees twice to present the ministry's action plans.As on previous occasions, Knesset members were shown a presentation that included impressive forecasts of environmental activity. However, recent years have shown that this presentation is disconnected from reality and the Ministry has failed to achieve its declared goals. Just a few weeks ago, Prof. Ofira Ayalon and environmental consultant Dr. Shira Daskal published an analysis of the waste treatment policy led by the Ministry of Environmental Protection between 2007 and 2022, which can be described as a failure.

Link to the full article

Israel lags far behind the world: 77% of waste is buried in the ground

01 March, 2023

At a time when the developed world is already using various technologies to manage municipal solid waste, Israel lags far behind.

Prof. Ofira Ayalon notes that "the landfill tax has not had a significant effect, neither in terms of reducing landfilled waste nor in terms of the actual realization of the ‘maintaining the cleanliness fund’ budget." "We are in a state of emergency and, therefore, the Ministry of Environmental Protection is presenting short-term solutions, such as expanding existing landfills."

Link to the full article on 'Calcalist'



SHAS Party withdrawn, and the fund for maintaining cleanliness will continue to operate under the responsibility of the Ministry of Environmental Protection

24 February, 2023

The fund for maintaining cleanliness would not be transferred to the control of the Ministry of the Interior.
Now the Ministry of Environmental Protection will have to prove that it can manage the fund in a way that serves the aims and the objectives of the fund.
An analysis of the municipal waste management policy in Israel in 2007-2022 shows that the activities of the fund failed in significantly reducing the amount of waste transferred to landfills during this period, despite the sharp increase in the levy paid by the local authorities.

The analysis was conducted by Prof. Ofira Ayalon and Dr. Shira Daskal, from the Samuel Neaman Institute.

The analysis was published and presented at a conference on waste management held on 22/2/2023 by the Dan Cities Association for Sanitation.

Link to the full article

Food waste in Israel Interview with Prof. Ofira Ayalon

31 January, 2023

A new study has found several causes of food waste in Israel. Prof. Ofira Ayalon in an interview for "Three Who Know" program.

Link to the full interview

And many thanks to the members of the Academy

24 January, 2023

Last month, Professor Rachelle Alterman, an expert in urban planning and law, was elected member of the Israel National Academy of Sciences. In an interview, she discussed why she believes residential towers are problematic, her involvement in founding the feminist movement in Israel, and why her son, actor Edan Alterman, did notreceived allowance in his childhood

Link to the full article

Unconventional collaborations between academia and industry for enhanced creativity

15 January, 2023

The partnership between academia and industry is essential for promoting innovation and increasing productivity. How can this cooperation be mutually beneficial?

As reported by the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research in October 2016, the Northern District has a population of approximately 1.47 million citizens, representing 16% of Israel's total population. In this region, 17% of the population is employed in the manufacturing, mining and quarrying industries, 13% in education, 11% in wholesale and retail trade, and 11% in health, welfare and social services.

Link to the full article on 'The Marker'

Are electricity prices skyrocketing? The state of Israel has chosen to neglect this for a long time

04 January, 2023

Energy efficiency would save citizens thousands of shekels a year and dramatically reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
Israel has been neglecting this field for years, even though the population growth on a small area puts it in a particularly dangerous emergency situation.
Prof. Ofira Ayalon points to the example of the program for energy efficiency at the Technion that managed to save more than 10 times the amount invested in it.

Link to the full article

Link to the Technion Energy Efficiency Project

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