Studies: Waste Management

The municipal and commercial waste in Israel is mostly directed to landfills, and the local authorities' expenditure on waste treatment increases year by year due to the gradual increase in management costs, landfill tax, rising fuel prices and gradual increase in transportation distances. Waste of valuable resources contributes to environmental pollution and increased cost of living.

Samuel Neaman Institute's studies examine the potential for reducing waste at source, reducing waste landfilling and developing processes that make the nuisance into a resource, both in the domestic sector and in the industry and agriculture sectors. Practical policies and tools at the national and local government levels are suggested.

See also the Energy Forum report on Extraction of energy from waste, and documents of environmental national priorities on Hazardous household chemicals and waste and Solid and hazardous waste. 

Other projects conducted by the Environmental cluster include the Examination of the level of Landfill Tax in Israel for the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and Preparing a calculation in principle for collecting business waste fee for the municipality of Tirat Carmel. 



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