Profile of "Outstanding Socially Committed Leadership"

The study aims to characterize the graduates of Edmund de Rothschild Partnerships programs as socially committed leaders, dedicated to bridging social and economic disparities in Israeli society. The sample comprised 17 exceptional graduates selected from a total of 1,471 program participants. Factors such as gender, residency, organization type, program attended, and sector of work were considered during the selection process. Additionally, 11 colleagues, employees, and managers of four graduates were interviewed through comprehensive '360-degree interviews.' The study employed thematic analysis of semi-structured in-depth interviews to analyse the data.

The research revealed that these program graduates have made significant contributions in reducing social inequalities, promoting diversity, fostering inclusivity, exhibiting social leadership, fostering community development, improving infrastructure, and facilitating leadership development. They consistently demonstrated their ability to generate meaningful and positive change within the communities and organizations they were a part of. Moreover, the study found that graduates effectively integrated their social values into their professional roles.

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