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Israeli Climate Change Information Center

 According to a government resolution, the Ministry of the Environmental Protection was asked to prepare a national plan for adaptation to climate change in Israel. For this purpose, the Ministry initiated the establishment of the Israeli Climate Change Information Center to work to strengthen existing scientific knowledge regarding climate change adaptation in Israel and market the accumulated Israeli knowledge to other target countries.

In 2013, following the publication of two earlier reports (published in 2011, 2012), ICCIC research team was asked to prepare a third report, concentrating on recommending adaptation policies for the local authorities. This implies improving the resilience of the local authorities under climate change situations.

Climate change is expressed by extreme weather events that already occur frequently and for which we must prepare as part of the overall preparation of the local authority, in terms of City and Regional Planning, in terms of water, health, and bio-diversity conservation in the city and in open spaces. This preparation will naturally require long-term investments that will impact the Israeli economy. The resilience of local authorities is measured not only in the preparation of the necessary physical infrastructure for emergencies resulting from climate events, such as creating coordinated systems between all relevant bodies and shortening warning times and the systems' response time, but also in instilling the need for awareness in the residents and in the public's participation in the processes. The study contains the background and a detailed review about the preparedness of local authorities in the world and in Israel on the subject of climate change in the areas of water, health, bio-diversity conservation, and urban planning. The study also includes an outline for assessing the economic costs and benefits arising from these preparations.