Intellectual Property in the Government Sector: The State of Affairs

The goal of the study is to create an infrastructure for forming a policy on the issue of intellectual property rights to knowledge that constitutes a product of R&D activity that is funded by the government and executed by governmental agencies/civil servants. The aim is to consolidate recommendations on guidelines in order to build a strategy for managing intellectual property in accordance with the government R&D objectives and to study the implications of knowledge transfer owned by the government through the commercialization of intellectual property rights.

During 2012, the R&D objectives that are executed by government research institutes were examined through interviews with the managers of research institutes, and by the various ministries through interviews with the head scientists in the various offices. In addition, the legal framework for managing intellectual property rights owned by the state, a review of the latest legislation, proposed legislation, and policy documents, was presented. Additionally, the implications of the transfer of knowledge originating from the government R&D sector through commercialization of intellectual property rights and the management of government-owned intellectual property rights between 1954 and 2010 were presented. A comparative review of the R&D system and intellectual property policies in selected countries in the OECD was conducted.

A final report on this subject was submitted to the Committee on Academe-Industry Relations of the Affairs of the National Council for Research and Development in October 2012.

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