Culture in Urban Development

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Mullin Elvira, Carmon Naomi. Culture in Urban Development Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2014.
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The goal of the research presented in this book is to extend our understanding of culture development as a tool of urban regeneration and community evolution. The book includes a review of innovative and successful projects for culture development in Western countries, a review that enabled the exposure of three main culture development strategies with high potential for benefiting the city and its residents. The field work covered three residential areas in the city of Tel Aviv, the economic and cultural capital of Israel, in each of which a different strategy was implemented. The research investigated the impact of the various strategies on socio-economic, socio-demographic and socio-cultural changes, especially on attracting young educated population to residences in the vicinity of the cultural projects.

Educated use of the knowledge presented in the book may enable urban policy makers and planners, as well as community leaders, to develop “custom-made” strategies for culture development, in accordance with specific conditions and characteristics of a neighborhood and a town.

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