Holders of Academic Degrees and the Israeli National R&D System

This study is an extension of a previous study conducted at the SNI on the subject of The Role of the Israeli Research Universities in the National R&D System. The present study conducts a detailed examination of the supply and employment of academic degree holders (Bachelor, M.Sc., Ph.D.) in Israel by fields of study according to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) classifications. The examination relies on data on academic degrees from the Council of Higher Education (CET), and on CBS data and special reports, including surveys of research and development in Israel, business innovation surveys, , manpower surveys, and careers of doctorate degree holders. The extension focuses on academic degree holders of all titles and their contributions to national R&D, and is trying to examine to what extent and in what areas a shortage of research manpower exists and constitutes a significant detriment to R&D.


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