Electric vehicle fleet: the fast and green road to significant savings

Employers were recently introduced to a new green way to reduce fuel consumption and air pollution associated with their activities – procurement of electric vehicles.

It's a natural transition, and it's obvious. Fuel prices are skyrocketing and the maintenance costs of internal combustion cars have always been high and do not become cheaper over the years.

Municipal regulations and laws against air pollution are increasingly being formulated in large cities all over the world.

More and more governments in developed and developing countries are encouraging the transition to electric propulsion-based transportation that is free of pollution, quiet, efficient, reliable and significantly cheaper to operate and maintain.

The event purpose is to provide practical knowledge and know-how towards a project of converting the operational fleets of corporations, private companies and public entities into an electric vehicles fleet.

At this webinar we will present an economic model for calculating return on investment, discuss the economic implications of shifting to an electric vehicle fleet and hear from companies that have already made the transition.

We invite you to join and learn how the fleet electrification process can also be promoted in your organization.

To the panel seesion led by Idan Liebes 

To the full recorded webinar (see also below)

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