A Project for Developing an Infrastructure Corridor between Haifa Port and the Jenin Border Checkpoint

In December 2010, a proposal for a project that will be a part of the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union (FP7) was submitted. The general subject of the broad project, in which universities, airports, seaports and private companies from Europe will take part, is:


The goal of this specific project, submitted by the Samuel Neaman Institute as part of the general project, is to develop an effective and sustainable infrastructure corridor between Haifa Port, Gilbo'a Region, and the border crossing point near Jenin, adjacent to which an industrial zone and logistics centers will be built, on both sides of the border. The infrastructure corridor and the activity along it and each of its parts will contribute significantly to an improvement in the economy, employment, quality of life and environment in this area. The project duration is two years and its budget, as part of the general project, is estimated at 100,000 Euro. The decision regarding the winning proposal will be made around mid-2011.


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