Mapping Research and Innovation in the State of Israel

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Leck Eran, Lemarchand Guillermo A., Tash April. Mapping Research and Innovation in the State of Israel Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2016.

The present country profile is the result of a synergistic collaboration between the Samuel Neaman Institute (SNI) and UNESCO’s Division of Science Policy and Capacity Building (Paris) at the invitation of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (IASH).

Mapping Research and Innovation in the State of Israel is the fifth of a series of country profiles prepared by UNESCO’s Global Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Instruments (GO->SPIN). The series is designed to expose – through the rigorous application of an assessment lens—usable insights about science, technology, engineering and innovation (SETI) policies and their context.

This country profile is an attempt to systematize the different dimensions of SETI policy in Israel from the late sixties to present. It compiles statistical information as well as presenting inventories of the fundamental instruments in order to create a reliable framework for policy analysis.

The volume is organized so as to present the following items: (a) a long-term description of the political, economic, social, cultural and educational contextual factors; (b) a study of R&D and innovation indicators; (c) a long-term scientometric analysis of scientific publications, patents, trademarks and utility models; (d) a historical background to SETI policies in Israel, (e) a description of the SETI policy cycle; (f) a standard content analysis of the explicit SETI policies, (f) a complete analysis of the SETI organizational chart at five different levels; (g) an inventory of all the SETI government bodies and organizations related to research and innovation activities and to science and technology services; (h) an inventory of the SETI legal frameworks; (i) an inventory of the SETI operational policy instruments which are in operation and (j) an analysis of  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of the country's research and innovation landscape.


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