Mapping Agriculture R&D in Israel

The Science and Innovation Department of the British Council (through the British Embassy in Israel) has partnered with the Samuel Neaman Institute (SNI) in a joint project, the objective of which is to identify the relevant subjects in the area of Agricultural Science that have high synergy and high potential for cooperation between the United Kingdom and Israeli scientists.

The areas discussed in the report include the academe and government research organizations, as well as commercial companies involved in research and development of products for the agricultural market. It is hoped that this research policy paper and IP landscaping of the Israeli capacity, stakeholders, unique expertise, and critical infrastructure will produce knowledge that can be used by policy makers toward increasing the British-Israeli collaboration in Agri-Science and Agritech, enabling the UK and Israel to compete in the global economy of the 21st century.

How did Israel, despite the difficulties of water shortage and large arid areas, become a leading country in the field of agricultural production? The answer to this question is sought by agriculturists worldwide who wish to learn from its achievements. The report indicates four main factors that in combination led to this result: the resourcefulness and determination of the Israeli agriculturalist; research and teaching activity; effective agricultural training; and massive government support in the early years of statehood, which continues to this day.

By using its entire Agricultural Ecosystem, the Israeli Smart Agriculture meets high-tech innovation throughout the entire sector, thus leading to new innovative products.


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